Minecraft tutorials out to be released soon!

Hi. Minecraft Survival tutorials might be released soon. I’m still waiting for Minecraft 1.13 Optifine release, but I have recording and streaming software already. After Optifine gets released, I’ll start recording the first episode of Minecraft Survival tutorials. I get my inspiration from player and youtuber paulsoaresjr who started to play Minecraft from its very start and he released first tutorials for Minecraft BETA yet. The second tutorials, from which I gain my inspiraton, started with the official release of the first version of the game. He ended his tutorials with fighting a dragon in End dimension. He then returned to the map just for recap what he did.

Upcoming tutorials topic list

Don’t take it as a final list of tutorial points, it’s only just a list of logical and average order of the tutorial topics. The final topic list is going to change in favour of generated map, where the spawn will be and how hard the map will actually get. Tutorials will start with Minecraft 1.13 or 1.13.1, depending on various events. Streams won’t start yet, I’m quite tight on time, even with just recording the tutorial episodes, so expect episodes delay in favour of weeks. University study is on the move. Here’s the told topic list:

  1. First night – The base stone of every Survival game is to survive the first night! So we shall gather resources and find a suitable place to hide (a cave or hole in earth). If we spawn on a desert beach island, I’ll restart the episode, because it’s going to be a challenge, which is not suitable for a novice player (such like me). We’ll play in Survival mode, with difficulty set to Normal (you can set it to Easy if the game is too tough for you).
  2. Seeking around, mining more rare resources (iron), smelting ore in furnace – We can’t use just wooden or stone tools, especially when the world has to offer resources like iron ore. Not only these tools and weapons last longer, they are even more efficient. We can also protect ourselves with iron, build ourselves an iron armor. We’ll also take a look at food and regeneration.
  3. Hostile mobs combat training – Beware of zombies hungry for your brain, skeletons ready to shoot you, drowned or spiders. Try to always follow the rule of run and you’ll be safe. Not always it’s possible, so you have to defend yourself somehow.
  4. Mining rare resources – GOLD! Who wouldn’t want it? We’ll take a look at what are the uses of gold and what’s it good for us. We’re also going to upgrade our tools. Diamonds are very tough material and diamond tools last the longest and have the best efficiency. A diamond pickaxe is also required to mine obsidian. We’ll discover what obsidian is good for. We’ll also add some other resources which are good for electrical engineering or payments.
  5. Down to Nether! – What’s the Nether good for? Lots of hot lava, loads of demons. Very risky place, however very valuable for its host of rare resources. We’ll need the Nether resources in order to brew potions or build a beacon.
  6. World exploration – There’s no good at living in just a single place, so we’ll extend our knowledge of the outer world. We’ll also use Nether to travel, we’ll discover the advantages of Nether travelling against overworld.
  7. Corals – The water world is so colorful! We’ll swim between corals, shipwrecks, and we’ll search for a burried treasure! We’ll discover the old underwater ruins and build an underwater Conduit to gain an advantage in terms of underwater work.
  8. Potions and enchantments – We’ll enchant our items and brew potions. Potions and enchantments will help us in loads of things: travelling, combat or mining.
  9. The End? – We’ll goind to visit the End. But that’s not the end at all! We’ll fight the mighty Ender Dragon several times! We’ll visit the End Cities where we can find another resources (including Elytra wings which we can use to glide).
  10. Flying and travelling the easy way – From the Shulker Shells, we’re going to craft some Shulker Boxes used to carry additional space. You simply fill it and grab it, the needed items are still there.
  11. Further world maintenance – You won’t want to give up your world so easily, right? So we’ll take a brief look at how to keep your world alive with new updates of Minecraft, new advancements and next world exploration. We’ll talk about expanding our territory as well as playing with your friends at LAN party by opening your world to LAN.
  12. From now the episodes are going to end. I’ll still try to keep you up with short streams (up to 30 minutes) where I’ll play the original map where I previously stopped. Streams are also going to happen in online worlds. I’ll probably host more worlds, with more series of Survival tutorials and following update streams.


I’d like to end it all by saying that whenever I don’t know what happens or not, I’m still looking forward the first recording for a tutorial. I don’t know when the recording will begin, I’ll only say it’s not going to be within a week, expect a month or more.

I want to also tell you that I’m currently testing the new editor Gutenberg which I used to write this post. I’m currently happy with it, so I’ll see if it will be true in further time 🙂 Thanks for reading,

Sincerely, Marek Poláček aka CZghost.

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