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My appearance
My appearance

Hello. My name is Marek Poláček, I'm 28 years old, and my hobbies are gaming, programming, graphics, webdesign and photography. I ocassionally do geocaching in nature.

I aimed my websites to two games which made me some way happy. It's Quake III Arena and Minecraft. Both make me calm. Quake III Arena (or Quake Live) has found a way to my heart earlier when I searched for something to play. I resisted to Minecraft long time, but then it catched me, too.

I have three YouTube channels:

  • Personal channel
    • This channel is just for social interactions beyond my gaming channels, I rarely add some video from old DOS game or video from private party with friends.
  • CZghost Gaming
    • This channel is themed to Quake III Arena and Quake Live, in some way also to Return to Castle Wolfenstein and other games based on Quake 3 engine. After merging with my other gaming channel it also expanded to Minecraft and its extensions (maps, resource packs, mods, server plugins).
  • CZghost Development
    • This channel is themed to game and game accessories development in terms of programming. I also made secondary web pages on GitHub, where you can find more links to my projects.
Besides my personal Facebook profile, I have a merged Facebook fanpage: CZghost Gaming. Speaking of Twitter, I have two profiles: personal and gaming. Besides that, I have also gaming Twitch channel. Some time ago, I also made an Instagram account. To access blog, click here. If you need to access FTP website, click here. I also added a page of tool for Quake III Arena map item placement suggestion.

My Discord Server:

Appearance of Sarge from the game
Appearance of Sarge from the game

I got to Quake III Arena by coincidence when I was seeking for something to play over Internet, and found a demo version of the game at I found it entertaining so much I had to obtain a full version I still have today. This web was originally supposed to be only about that game and it looked much different from today's version. It was also hosted at different address (and different hosting which was free to use back then).

Appearance of mythic Herobrine from the game
Appearance of mythic Herobrine from the game

However, I bought Minecraft a little time ago, on the other hand, and still learning Survival basis. Unlike with Quake, I've got to this game on purpose while watching videos that dragged me in. So since I play that game, too, I decided to expand my websites by this game and rebuild the website frame.

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I created a contact form for you. There you can write any message you want. In case it doesn't work, click in order to write an e-mail. Keep in mind that nonsense messages end up in trash usually. Make sure to write exactly what you mean, eighter a praise, critics, a question or suggestion.