New visual style – milder and cleaner

New style was installed and activated, named Matrix. I have chosen it rather than the previous one for its milder and cleaner look. It looks more like personal portfolio blog and that’s why I have chosen this one.

If anyone has something to tell me, then go ahead and comment below 🙂

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  1. Site theme again changed, Matrix has become a b*tch in gallery embedding. Now using responsive theme Tribute, well I’ll see if it deserves the tryout 🙂

    1. Tribute seems to be too “airy” to hold the sites. It doesn’t work well with galleries and lightbox is useless (doesn’t work at all even as a plugin). Going to redesign the sites again with very first own design. Now work-code-named “Spectrum Shell”, a retro styled WordPress theme designed in favour of gaming sites. Will be available to download here on my pages and (hopefully soon) in WordPress themes depository.

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