Register and comments rulez

You don’t need to register in order to comment, but I would like you following some guides to make reading comments friendly to others. These are:

  • Do not swear and bully others. If I find any comment like that, it will be deleted and sender will be notified via E-mail (if registered).
  • I do not support warez over here. I’d not like being banned for sharing warez topics.
  • Nudity is also restricted, we live in civilised world 😉
  • As far I would recommend, no off-topics. I don’t need to have tons of non-contemporary comments under one post.

If you will follow these guides, I will have no problem with your comments 🙂

If you want to register, please follow these guides:

  • Fill up at least your nickname different to login and set up this as your display name. It’s for security reason.
  • Be sure to set up strong password.
  • I won’t accept intrusive and annoying nicks and logins. If I find any, it will be deleted and owner will be notified via E-mail.
  • Nudity in names is restricted.

Any member following these guides is welcomed 🙂

Why to register? Well, you won’t have to always fill up your nick and email address, no captcha struggles, just log in and write. You can also upload your “avatar” (small icon representing yourself online). Avatar defaults to Anonymous icon.

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