First release ever: What a garbage! :D

Levelshot by Worldspawn

Don’t you bother about very first map releases? Every mapper ever started with something that may make him embarrased or just say “Hey, how’d I make this garbage?” But the reality is simple. We were just very young and it was something very new to us, so of course the first release is just fun without a piece of design on mind, just some sort of test 🙂 But I couldn’t live without introducing my very first map, I ever made public. I originally posted it to Worldspawn sites (now hosted at It sits there for a long time with 192 download for over 5 years, so it’s pretty old 🙂 I was 15 when I made this map 🙂 So you take the count 😀

Sudden Death: a levelshot
Sudden Death: a levelshot

I’d like to introduce Sudden Death. It’s a small, tourney sized map, but can be played as deathmatch.

It was created using one old mapping tutorial from one DeFrag mapper (his name is credited in readme). The tutorial probably doesn’t exist anymore, just for those who are interested. The map is pretty much outdated and very bald, it holds just few items (and I’m afraid also Grappling Hook, which feels unneccessary in this kind of map). It has number of flaws (for example, the dropdown platform seen on levelshot is a way too much high, which will cause falldown damage), inconsistent item placement (large areas feel very empty compared to the smaller ones), lighting is very unbalanced (large areas are brighter than very dark small areas), overall structure of the map is discutable. It has bot support, should display in Skirmish menu, and also has default bots load setup in its *.arena file. It includes an original *.map file for editor, so if anyone wants to load it up, you can.

Map can be downloaded from my sites directly, or from original download page at Worldspawn sites. Follow instructions in readme for playing (both re-release ZIP download and original PK3 download) and if you download from my sites, make sure also check out info.txt file from within ZIP file, which holds additional informations about the release. Don’t be disgusted about the map design, it’s my first map ever made public and I never intended to mean it serious 😀

I’ll probably take that map and correct it to meet today Quake 3 mapping standards and probably make the redux available also for Quake Live at Steam Workshop. If you want to make own version, you can 🙂 Just as long as you follow the original readme file 😀 You can also rename the map, if you think it would be better 😀

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  1. Map was sumbitted to few months ago, and few weeks ago it got reviewed by site owner:

    Be sure to check it out 🙂
    I’m planning this map being revived: it shall get new visual appearance, architecture enhancement, it may be a fairly good redux of this original pure ugly map 😀 As the time flows, I’m considering buying Quake Live for playing and mapping and start converting my maps for Quake Live players as well, including the redux… As used to, I’ll include the famous QL advertisement boards inside these maps, just to make players know that is actually Quake Live map, not the regular old plain Quake 3 map, which is it based on.

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